2. Reading rec.pyrotechnics


Often you will see an interesting composition or method posted to pyrotechnics and the temptation is to run out and try it immediately. However, sometimes information posted will contain errors, or omit important safety aspects. Sometimes people will post methods that they heard from some vague source, or that they think should work but haven't tried. Leave it for a couple of days to see if anyone on the net responds to it. If not, get a printout of it and read it several times to make sure you are completely familiar with it. If you have any questions or corrections for an article, please don't hesitate to post. People on the net would much rather answer a question that may seem "silly" to you, than to have you get hurt. Also, a complete archive of pyrotechnics is available on the server news.armory.com in its original message format. You can therefore do a search on past articles there and quite probably find the information you are looking for without needing to ask again. To read the archives, first set your news host by setting the NNTPSERVER environment variable to news.armory.com - this is achieved on Unix machines by typing: setenv NNTPSERVER news.armory.com You may then start your newsreader in the usual way. Note however that to resume reading news from your local server you must quit the newsreader and reset the NNTPSERVER variable.

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