3. Posting to rec.pyrotechnics


If you have a composition or a method that has served you well, please share it with the net. Also if you have a question, people will be happy to help you out with it. However, please remember that you message is going to be read by a lot of people around the world, many of whom may not be as familiar with aspects of your posting as you are. Include all relevant safety information, for example possible mixing and storage hazards, toxicity, expected behaviour of the composition once ignited etc. Also, it is worth keeping in mind that the relevant legal authorities do read rec.pyrotechnics and other newsgroups. If you post something you haven't tried, be sure to make that clear in your article. This is a good idea when asking questions as well - make sure it is obvious that you are asking a question, rather than posting something you don't know about and hoping someone will correct it. Read through your article before posting it to make sure that you have covered every aspect, and that there are no errors or ambiguities that could cause people to interpret part of it the wrong way.

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